Once the Slovenian Business Club is Gone, the Hope of the Young that One Can Succeed will Die

»Once the Slovenian Business Club is gone, the hope of the young that one can succeed will die,« said the president of the Slovenian Business Club Marjan Batagelj, at the beginning of his speech as he was entrusted the presidency of the Club for another year at the yesterday’s general assembly. At the meeting, the members elected the new Board of Directors that will now consist of Igor Akrapovič, Marjan Batagelj, Marko Bitenc, Martin Jezeršek, Marko Lotrič, Joc Pečečnik, Ema Pogačar, Tanja Skaza, and Anže Vovčko. This is a truly democratically-led association to which testifies also the fact that its members annually vote their representatives to the Club’s bodies and in doing so choose from among all the Club’s members.

Upon his re-election as the Club’s president, Mr Batagelj said that the Slovenian Business Club is based on the healthy core of Slovenian economy imbued with values originating exclusively from hard and honest work. Its members are Slovenian entrepreneurs and company owners who started their entrepreneurial path on their own or are the successors of family businesses.

Successful entrepreneurs are those people who create added value in the state and represent the only true role-models who will need to be seen and heard even more by external stakeholders in the future since they create not only the future of the Slovenian economy but also the future of Slovenia in general.

Mr Batagelj illustrated the importance of the Club’s members with the following words: “When the Slovenian Business Club falls apart, so will the Slovenian economy«.

The Club welcomes new members under strict but just (written and unwritten) criteria. What brings joy is the fact that in modern Slovenian society there is an increasing number of such companies. At this year’s assembly the existing 56 members were joined by 10 new ones who are, each in their own field, extremely successful and innovative.

The company Arkas was founded in 2003, its primary activities are business and corporate consulting.

The history of the company Eurocom goes back to 1989. Its vision is to become the leading company in the field of school supplies, office supplies, and business and promotional gifts in Central Europe. The company has several branches in Croatia, Serbia, and FYR Macedonia, and today employs more than 60 people.

The graphics company Eurograf, which has been making its path successfully through the field of printed media for over thirty years, offers graphic design, reprographic services, offset print, and other advanced services, and employs more than 30 people.

Forstek was founded in 1993. Its basic activity was the production and maintenance of glass-making tools mainly for the needs of Steklarna Hrastnik. When the economic crisis struck in 2009, the scope of business in the glass-making industry decreased and therefore new opportunities needed to be found. The company started developing tools for the pharmaceutical industry and income from this branch today exceeds the income from the glass-making industry. Today the company employs 70 people and at the moment they are considering constructing a new production hall.

Innovatif is a company for business transformation that helps their partners transform trademarks into digital platforms. They employ about 35 people.

Intra Lighting is the leading provider of architectural lights and comprehensive lighting solutions in south-eastern Europe. More than 27 years of experience and presence on the global market enable the company to provide solutions for various architectural concepts and typologies of spaces. The company, which has more than 100 employees, has branch offices in Serbia, Croatia, and the Netherlands.

The family company Kampo has continued the carpentry craft since 1990 and their beginnings actually go back another 50 before that. The company’s main production programme comprises wooden interior doors, furniture, and other custom-made items. It currently employs 20 people.

Lumar IG is the leading Slovenian producer of low energy and passive prefabricated buildings and is, due to its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, present in Slovenia as well as abroad. The company was founded in 1992 by the Lukić family and currently employs around 65 people.

The company Rupicapra in Slovenia deals with tourism. This is one of the companies owned by the GEC family, which are managed by the third generation. The GEC Group, which was founded by Emil Gec in 1970, also includes the companies GEC GP d.o.o. Delnice – a saw mill for wood processing, and GEC d.o.o. in Plešce, Croatia, right by the border with Slovenia. For over 45 years they have been dealing with the processing of plastic. Rupicapra is today managed by the daughter of the family, Irena Gec Andlar, and the grandson Rok Andlar.

Smart Com prides itself on 26 years of tradition as one of the leading systematic integrators in the region of south-eastern Europe. They specialise in connecting cutting-edge technologies with systems which present business solutions with high added value for their clients. Network virtualisation, cyber safety, and OSS / BSS systems are their strongest expert specialisations. This successful family company employs more than 60 people.

TikoPro is a well-established and successful company which helps companies and other organisations to acquire non-refundable and refundable funds from EU funds. This young consultancy company has been in operation since 2010.