New Porsche’s Panamera is the latest in the Akrapovič Evolution

Akrapovič has launched the latest in its range of Evolution Line exhausts with a system designed for the 2014 Panamera Turbo (970) and Panamera Turbo S (970).

With experience gained for the first systems that were developed by the Slovenian company for the Panamera, Akrapovič has developed a new system that allies well to the Panamera’s sports car ethos, with the practicality of everyday driving. The new Evolution Line is superbly crafted from Titanium and has a deep sound that the engineers at Akrapovič have designed to fully complement the powerful nature of the car. With computer-optimised asymmetrical mufflers, a dual-mode exhaust valve system and a link pipe with a resonator any chance of in-cabin droning has been eliminated, allowing for more composed long-distance driving and by simply installing the optional Wireless kit, the driver can also choose between the stimulating sound of the turbo engine and the refined cruising sound of the powerful Panamera, just with the push of a button inside the car.

Akrapovič Panamera

Photo: Akrapovič

As with any vehicle equipped with an Akrapovič exhaust system the Porsche Panamera Turbo and Turbo S will benefit from increased power, better throttle response and an increase in torque, along with a reduction in weight over the original system. The gain in power will be across the full rev range with a peak increase of 6.5kW at 5150rpm and torque will grow by 23.5Nm at 2700rpm. These figures – with a weight loss of 13.5kg – will all add to the experience of the car for driver and passengers alike, from a performance and sensual point-of-view.

This complete exhaust comes with four beautifully finished round tailpipes and an easy-to-fit instruction manual is included to make the plug-and-play system a simple task to install. The new Porsche Panamera Turbo and Turbo S Akrapovič Evolution Line systems will unite to make the Panamera even more thrilling and create a unique and unmistakable experience from a sports car for every-day use.