More than 1.8 Million Conditus Bled Cream Cakes Made Annually

The lights in the Conditus pastry workshop are turned on at 4 am and the preparation of about 6,000 pieces of the popular cream cake daily can begin. So far, they’ve baked a total of 6 million Bled cream cakes which are made following the traditional recipe and using the best natural ingredients.

Ema Pogačar started on her business path seven years ago when she founded her company for the production of this delicious dessert after working in public administration for several years. Her beginnings were modest and hard, since she started her business with only one employee. Today, the Conditus Company employs 35 people and keeps growing.

Generally, the company is one of the fastest growing companies in the Gorenjska region; at the beginning, in 2010, Conditus made less than 260 thousand euros of net turnover, while in 2016 the number reached 3 million euros. Their cakes are permanently sold by one of the biggest retailers in Slovenia and they cooperate with many others. What is interesting is the fact that they reached the market with one sole product–the Bled cream cake! They decided on such a narrow specialisation because there were no funds to buy additional ingredients and packaging in the beginning. Since investments bring additional business risks, Conditus placed all the more emphasis on the quality of their product and still continue to do so.

Today their offer has expanded and the cream cakes are now also available in the form of the most original and modern »creamcups«. Thus the original Bled cream cake is now packed in convenient packaging with a spoon attached. Today the dessert is made in two flavours, the classic one and in a chocolate variant.

Their presence on foreign markets proves that the path to success can be extremely sweet. They are very proud of their recent breakthrough to the Austrian market which enables them to monitor the habits of foreign buyers and thus strengthen their existence on the market, opens new horizons and offers additional opportunities as well as challenges.

Photos: Conditus