Meeting with the American Ambassador in Slovenia

This Monday we were joined at our regular monthly meeting by the American Ambassador in Slovenia Brent R. Hartley, whose opinion of the Slovenian economy is extremely positive since he believes it to be innovative and competitive. At the meeting the ambassador was introduced in detail to the functions and mission of our Club and our members had the opportunity to become closely familiar with the vision and plans of the American Embassy. Brent R. Hartley presented his work here and answered numerous questions. The discussion, naturally, revolved around the economy, the current situation of the economy, the search for improvements, solutions, and cooperation possibilities between companies of both countries since, in the ambassador’s opinion, regardless of the existing strong ties between the countries, these ties need to be strengthened further.

One of his priority tasks is exactly this establishment of and support for economic cooperation between both countries–the encouragement for Slovenian companies to enter the American market and help to the American market when entering the Slovenian one, which is extremely welcome on our side since, after all, we really strive to attract American investors to our market. During the interesting exchange of opinions our guest, to our great satisfaction, offered active assistance with their work to all interested participants.