Marko Lotrič

Marko Lotrič is the CEO of the family company LOTRIČ Meroslovje, which he has successfully run since 1991. Before that, Marko Lotrič acquired skills in the field of metrology with the company Tehtnica d.o.o. and thus continued the tradition of metrology in Selška dolina, which started with the first chemical laboratory in 1923. Following 25 years of successful business dealings, the company grew into the LOTRIČ Metrology Group, which now comprises 8 daughter companies from 6 different countries: Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today the entire group employs 83 experts who deal with the development and application of metrological solutions.

The company’s CEO believes immensely in the power of knowledge, encourages creativity, and swears by integrity. The value on which he places special emphasis is trust, to the same degree among his employees as when working with his customers. He is glad to share the knowledge and experience he has acquired with his fellow workers and strengthens the culture of excellence among his employees. Their devotion to quality and excellence is also confirmed by their work according to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 standards and the EFQM model. In 2012 the company received the highest Slovenian award for business excellence and the European award for excellence, the 5-STAR Recognition Award. In the same year the company was also awarded the national award the Bronze Gazela as well as the national Employer of the Year award at the Zlata nit competition for 2012.

The CEO emphasizes cooperation and partnerships that enable synergy and the realization of the company’s strategy and philosophy as the most important steps towards the company’s success. Today LOTRIČ Meroslovje collaborates with over 8,000 business partners. The company’s biggest buyers come from the pharmaceutical, automobile, electric, chemical, and plastics industries, from public and private institutes, universities, medical facilities, and other areas. Collaboration with educational institutions is also one of their primary concerns. The company works with 16 research institutes and universities. In 2011 the company received the TARAS Award, the award for the most successful collaboration of economy with a science-research entity in the field of innovation, development, and technologies, for the iLAB project, together with the Jozef Stefan Institute.