Lotrič To Become the Biggest Measurer in the Region

Lotrič Metrology, the company which is this year once again among the finalists of the best employers in the Zlata nit competition, can boast a lot of news these days. It has bought new facilities in its home town, in Croatia it has become a co-owner of a company, and they have a new product for measuring. The latter is the latest Trames system, a measuring machine for the dimensions of those products which are completely adapted to the demands of the customer.

They are made according to individual customer’s demands and are made for the faster and more precise measurement of products for automotive, construction, furniture, and plastics industries, everywhere where lengths 3D-2D-1D, mass, force, and pressure are important. Various shapes of panels, tubes, profiles, bands, cables made of rubber, wood, steel, metal, plastic, textiles can be measured. The goal is to create half of the revenue through product sales by 2020.

To be able to continue expanding his business Marko Lotrič, the founder and CEO of Lotrič Metrology, purchased from Mercator two floors of the former Alples’ exhibition space in the total amount of 1,078 square metres in Železniki, which together with the equipment are estimated at a million euros.

Since the company can offer all its services in one place it covers about 95% of all metrological needs of companies. “In addition to a wide range of offered services our competitive advantage is the assurance of 24-hour responsiveness in the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe) or in a radius of 500 kilometres,” says Marko Lotrič. They create 40% of all revenue in foreign markets, especially in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and FYR Macedonia, also in Austria, Italy, and Germany. They have several companies, last year they created 5.2 million euros of revenue and about 490,000 euros of net profit.

In addition to the service of measuring and laboratory equipment for physical and thermodynamic, and partly also chemical and electric measurements they also offer the service of laboratory, pharmaceutical, and measuring equipment, and on certain locations also various scales and other laboratory equipment.

Lotrič has recently become the co-owner of the Croatian company Tehničar Servag, which has been cooperating with the company Lotrič Mjeriteljstvo for 12 years. “They want us as a partner due to our knowledge, especially our accreditations and measurements which we can carry out at a distance, while for us Croatian partners open the doors to new clients,” says Marko Lotrič, explaining the reasons for the new in-depth collaborations.