LOTRIČ Metrology Reaps Rewards at Various Fairs

The family company LOTRIČ Metrology has been calibrating, testing and developing state-of-the-art and technologically perfected but easy-to-use metrology products and solutions for nearly three decades. The company is successful in transferring knowledge and represents some of the top Slovenian and foreign producers of measuring, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment, and is at the same time the driving force for development and progress in the field of metrology.

Recently the company was successfully introduced at the biggest medical fair in Slovenia – MEDICAL, the International Fair for Modern Medicine in Gornja Radgona, where they received the award for the best showroom, presented to them by the Minister of Health, Milojka Kolar Celarc.

LOTRIČ Metrology

They also had a successful presentation at the International Industry Fair in Celje, where the visitors were introduced to products and solutions in the field of metrology from the LOTRIČ Metrology brand. They also presented new developments in the field of measurement equipment produced by some of the leading European companies.

LOTRIČ Metrology

Photos: LOTRIČ Metrology