Lotrič Metrology from Selce Named Best Employer among Small Companies

The winners of the 10th media research project Zlata nit and thus the best employers of 2016 are: Krka in the category of large companies, the public company Komunala Brežice in the category of medium-sized companies, and Lotrič Metrology in the category of small businesses.

This year, a total of 87 companies participated in the competition, 45 of which were small business and 32 large. Other finalists in the category of large companies were Alpe-Panon, AMZS, Cetis, Gorenjska banka, Hofer trgovina, and Lidl Slovenija. Among medium-sized companies the following companies made it to the finals: Komunala Brežice, Agitavit Solutions, Četrta pot, Elaphe, Plinovodi, RLS Merilna tehnika, and Sportradar. Among small businesses the winner was chosen from the companies Lotrič Metrology, Intera, Kompas Xnet, List, Mega M, Optiweb, and Tu-val.

The best employer among small businesses, Lotrič Metrology, works within the Lotrič Metrology Group, to which Lotrič Certificiranje from Kranj, Iskra Lotrič from Podnart, and its subsidiaries from Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia also belong. The entire group currently unites more than 110 experts in the field of metrology. Last year they were joined by more than 10 new employees and they plan to continue this positive employment trend in 2017.