Joc Pečečnik

Interestingly enough, Joc Pečečnik is an entrepreneur, who has never been an employee, yet, being 20 years old, in ex-Yugoslavia, he registered his own company Elektronček. He has always believed in his vision and goals and despite numerous obstacles, he is still persistent, which naturally pays off.

With his company Elektronček, which initially dealt with alarm devices and, afterwards, computer systems, in 1994, he joined the gaming industry.

The company markets its products under the brand Interblock, which is the most recognizable Slovenian brand, being exported to almost 100 countries and federal states. The company has become a global trend-setter in the gaming industry and with the most expensive products in the world it is considered to be the industry’s Rolls Royce.

Nowadays Interblock Group employs 300 people. Alongside all activities, Joc is also a great supporter of Slovenian sports, generous towards the needy, as well as generally active in humanitarian terms.

He has travelled a good part of the world and in all those years established numerous excellent and, naturally, useful connections worldwide. Despite some »unfavourable experience with local politics«, he, in his own words, still considers Slovenia his home country and simply loves these people!