Japec Jakopin Gives Lecture at Stanford University (USA)

Japec Jakopin, our member, gave a lecture on European innovations as honorary speaker at the prestigious Stanford University. Besides Seaway, Jakopin presented our member Igor Akrapovič’s company as an example of a leading high-tech company in their field of operation. He presented Slovenia as the green heart of Europe and junction of different nations, cultures and expertise. According to Jakopin, this offers Slovenia’s citizens a solid opportunity to connect business-wise with the entire world. He also spoke about technological processes used by his company, Seaway, its development and future. As a result of unfavourable economic environment, the company discovered a new niche in the form of hybrid environment friendly boat (Greenline Hybrid) design, more than 400 of which have already been sold. Furthermore, since 1983, 60.000 boats have already been built worldwide, according to Jakopin brothers and Seaway’s designs, and they won most of the prominent international awards . Jakopin was invited by Stanford University as honorary speaker to give lecture on European innovativeness and entrepreneurship, since his developing company was selected as the example of a successful European innovative technology company from the boating field. You can view the entire Japec Jakopin’s lecture here: