Agriculture and Food Fair AGRA 2015

The 53. International Agriculture and Food Fair AGRA will be held from 22 to 27 August 2015, as the most important international agri-food fair in Slovenia and in the neighboring regions of Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

Selected target groups of businessmen, professionals and the wider mass of consumers and users will present outstanding achievements in the field of production, processing and supply of food, agricultural machinery, forestry technology, packaging and education.

Special expert attention will be given to: organic farming and nutrition, protection of agricultural land, tourist farms with local food offers, seeds as the cornerstone of successful agriculture, seeds of Slovenian native and domesticated varieties, forest and wood, sustainable forestry, agricultural technology for safe and environmentally friendly farming and landscape architecture, and allotments on farms.

Among the 1,785 exhibitors from 30 countries there will be also members of the Slovenian Business Club, sharing their knowledge and expand the achievements. You can see their offer all the way to the end of the week:

MKL SYSTEMS, d.o.o., hall C1, exhibition space 702

PARADAJZ d.o.o., hall A, exhibition space 123

POS ELEKTRONČEK d.o.o., hall A1, exhibition space 204

ROLTEK d.o.o., hall C1, exhibition space 712

ROTO d.o.o., hall Z3, exhibition space 3011

Sejem AGRA 2015

Photos:Pomurski sejem d.d.