Innovative Led Lights Made by SBC Bootcamp Participants

At the beginning of December, a two-month intensive programme of the Slovenian Business Club – the SBC Bootcamp came to an end. It involved activities in which participants trained their skills in technology, entrepreneurship, and development or creativity interdisciplinarily, on the experiential level. They were given the opportunity to take the knowledge gained at university (or technical high-school) and put it into practice as well as try their skills in the development of various products.

They cooperated in the predetermined challenges and while solving them they got a better insight into various processes which in the companies generally run separately. Under the watchful eye of the programme head Jernej Pangeršič and two other leading mentors Rok Capuder and Katarina Bebar the participants acquired knowledge, information, and skills for the production of new, innovative products.

Each participant got their unique special task at the beginning of the programme where they chose their industrial branch and on this topic they had to make a LED table lamp. They used materials typical of the chosen industry, to which the logotype, the name, and shape of the lamp had to relate. The result were four innovative products.

The first LED lamp was made under the supervision of the participant Andrej Klinar and it related to the food-processing industry. Since soft forms and lines are typical for this industry, the lamp was designed in the shape of a spiral. Klinar wanted to add a touch of tradition to his product and thus used the Edison lightbulb.

The second product was prepared by Aleš Guzelj. His theme was heavy industry, therefore the lamp’s framework was assembled from stronger materials, such as plastic, steel, carbon, and glass. What differentiates this lamp is the possibility to charge cell phones wirelessly on it.

The third lamp, which was made by Andraž Čehovin, represents the construction industry. Due to the fact that this participant is enthusiastic about the modern manner of construction, the lamp was made from three different components and assembled into an elegant unit. He used aluminium, wood, and concrete.

The creator of the fourth product is Gregor Medvešek whose theme was electronics. The materials used for the production of the lamp were aluminium, wood, and plexiglass. What is special about this lamp is that it is turned on by touch. The LED tape was programmed by Gregor in such a way that all the components turn on at a precisely defined time one after another. Thus, the flow of the light is no coincidence.

The Slovenian Business Club believes that this six-week SBC Bootcamp programme is the right choice for individuals. We are very glad that the project will continue and will result in people with self-initiative who will acquire knowledge, information, and skills that will help them make better and cogent decisions.