Grand Prix for Marketing Excellence 2015 to Company Postojnska jama

The Slovenian Marketing Association presented a new award Marketing Excellence of the Year at the finishing ceremony which took place in the evening of the 20th Slovenian Marketing Conference first day. The award was presented in four categories and among the four winners of the individual categories the winner of a Grand Prix was chosen.

Celtra, Postojnska jama d.d., Krka, d.d., and Adriatic Slovenica d.d. were the companies which through concrete numbers showed the importance of marketing in improving a company’s business results. Among all four winners of individual categories the title of the Grand winner or the receiver of the Grand Prix for Marketing Excellence 2015 was awarded to Postojnska jama d.d (The Postojna Cave).

The award Marketing Excellence of the Year is recognition for marketing oriented companies or institutions that by using modern marketing approaches and intertwining various business functions within a company realize the marketing mission in their every-day business and comprehensive company strategy. The award is presented to the entire company which is with its marketing orientation, mentality, and approaches a role-model for the entire marketing or business community. The transition from an individual to a company is an important conceptual shift that confirms the business function of marketing in an organization.

Postojnska jama: “Excellent marketing, excellent results.”

Postojnska jama is part of the world natural heritage and is part of the itinerary of almost every tourist visiting the southeastern Europe. Over 620,000 people visit this sight every year. The cave surfaced to the »tourist must« thanks to marketing which constantly strives for the creation of need. »Considering that we manage the cultural and natural heritage of the world format, our primary task is to incite desire for primal instincts possessed by humans in our genetic code – beauty, silence, darkness, and mystery,« was emphasized by the representatives of Postojnska jama. Yet the cave has not been only a tourist destination for a long time – today it is so much more; with an additional »glamorous« offer it became a true adventure. Thus it is not surprising that their strategic marketing orientation brought about the visitors’ satisfaction and the best ratings at the web portals, such as the TripAdvisor. Namely, the company’s entire strategy originates from marketing decisions based on sustainable development – everything they do must be in the best interest of Postojnska jama and the best for the guest’s satisfaction. And it is exactly this guest who is the most important part of marketing and to whom the marketing is intended for. »This is why marketing starting points are binding for all departments. Sales, guide service, hospitality, and event management must abide by the marketing platform. Excellent marketing yields excellent financial results,« they believe.