Grah Lighting all over the world

Grah® Lighting is a reputable European company engaged in the production of highly efficient LED street lights as well as other LED products. The company was established as a spin-off from the LED street and industrial light division of the parent company SG Automotive, which is a trusted partner and supplier for leading car manufacturers. It is one of the few if not the only company in the world which manufactures LED street lights based on the most advanced automotive production line under strictest quality automotive control standards.

The company has recently completed several major projects, one major in Spain – the project Maracena. It is based on smart lighting, which basically means the possibility of dimming lights depending on the time and space. In this very extensive project the company produced 1,300 Grah® Lighting LED lights.

Public lighting in the Italian municipality of Marsicovetere

High costs of electricity and maintenance of public lighting encouraged the municipality of Marsicovetere to replace incandescent, technologically outdated luminaires with the new, environmentally friendly LED technology. Old, wasteful sodium luminaires were replaced by 180 pcs of LSL® 60.

Municipality Marsicovetere was looking for a solution that would increase energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint caused by high-pressure sodium fixtures through implying Grah® LSL® luminaires. With the installation of LSL® luminaires we achieved outstanding results. Grah® Lighting solution represents a revolution in lighting quality, reducing upward light scattering as well as light pollution. Energy savings are now over 60%, CO2 emissions have fallen drastically. Furthermore, maintenance costs have been dramatically reduced thanks to product longevity.

Leading LED technology in Western Australia

Grah Lighting in cooperation with Australian distributor Gigavision Lighting replaced existing lights with Aerolite LSL®90 luminaries on the mining site in the Pilbara desert. During the summer months in the Pilbara, maximum temperatures exceed 32 °C almost every day, and temperatures in excess of 45 °C are not uncommon. The Pilbara town of Marble Bar even set a world record of most consecutive days of maximum temperatures of 37°C or more, during a period of 160 such days.

LED street luminaires LSL®90 were the ideal choice to meet the requirements of such demanding circumstances as their temperature range is from – 30 °C up to 60 °C. Project was conducted by Highlux and with installation of the Aerolite LSL®90 luminaries, our customer achieved 60 percent energy savings, significantly reduced maintenance costs and improved safety on the site. They have decided for LED lighting due to the numerous advantages of this cutting edge technology, which is becoming a leading technology in street lighting as well.

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Photos: Grah Lighting