Gourmet Cup Ljubljana: Slovenia Has Potential, Authenticity Comes First

Everyone present at the four-day Gourmet Cup Ljubljana, not only Ana Roš, is becoming aware that great success demands walking on the edge. The event hosted numerous Slovenian and foreign TOP chefs, culinary critics, writers, and experts who were interested in seeing, tasting, and listening to everything Slovenia has to offer in gastronomy. Judging by their responses, Slovenia has great potential to be developed into a renowned culinary destination.

This weekend, not only the fans of culinary delights but also hospitality experts and winemakers as well as everybody else who has anything to do with gastronomy or works in the fields of hospitality or tourism got their money’s worth. From 27th to 30th January 2018, there was the third Gourmet Cup Ljubljana, which is excellent proof that a culinary event can be organised in Slovenia which can match other world-renowned events. “What makes the Gourmet Cup successful is the collaboration and placing of common interests before the interests of individuals. Thus, in three years the event has introduced no less than 26 Slovenian and 8 foreign chefs and does not rely solely on internationally recognised faces but also promotes Slovenian gastronomy as a whole,” explains Martin Jezeršek.

“I am very pleased that Slovenian chefs happily confirmed their participation at the Gourmet Cup Ljubljana. Many other people who work in hospitality, such as Uroš Štefelin and Igor Jagodic, participated at the ski race. All of this together means that such gatherings are a must within our profession. Another delightful fact is that there is also great interest in the participation at the event from chefs from neighbouring countries, especially Italy, from where many famous names came this year. Furthermore, all Slovenian chefs participating at the Gourmet Cup Ljubljana this year gave up their fees. The means gathered this way will be donated to Zavod Pod strehco, with whom I’ve been personally cooperating for some time now. Their basic activity is the daily offering of warm meals and distribution of food to socially vulnerable people. Together we will thus donate more than 2,780 meals,” adds Luka Jezeršek.

This year, the Gourmet Cup Ljubljana came near to its long-term vision and strategy – to become the most important culinary event not only in Slovenia, but also in the region. This goal will be greatly aided by the partnership with Turizem Ljubljana and connections with the trademark Gourmet Ljubljana.

The organiser, Jezeršek gostinstvo, the main motto of which is to make every meal an experience, gladly informs us that they have already begun to plan Gourmet Cup Ljubljana 2019.

Photos: Žiga Intihar