GEA College Winner of “Pomladni Veter 2016” for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Entrepreneurship Promotion

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Entrepreneurial Chamber of Commerce awarded this year’s certificate Pomladni Veter 2016 (Spring Wind 2016) for outstanding achievements in the field of entrepreneurship promotion to GEA College d.d., which through its long-running activities helps strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset and performs entrepreneurial education in Slovenia as well as in the wider region with the goal of raising true entrepreneurs and not only economists.

At the 3rd MSP conference for small and medium-size enterprises, Katja Kraškovic, chairwoman of the board of GEA College d.d., received the award which is presented annually to individuals, companies, and other organizations that have made significant contribution to the promotion of a healthy entrepreneurial environment in Slovenia.

The award committee wrote in their decision that GEA College (Faculty, Centre of vocational schools, and Business training centre) deserved this award primarily due to the fact that they have built an environment for the development of the entrepreneurial way of thinking, because they raise businesspeople and not only economists, as an educational institution significantly contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Slovenia, and directly enable the transfer of knowledge from theory to practice.

GEA College has in the last year, as in past years, actively promoted the importance of entrepreneurship for society and the economy through their new, innovative, and positive projects. Projects like Career Centre, the innovative summer programme for the young Bootcamp 4 Future Entrepreneurs, the project Student Challenge (in which they are cooperating with Plastika Skaza this year) and »Challenge« for »top« business solutions (in which they are cooperating with Postojna Cave this year), GEA College managed to directly connect ambitious individuals with numerous companies and enable those companies to be directly included in the educational process and help educate efficient individuals who think like entrepreneurs – therefore employees who are much needed in our society when it strives for a brighter future for Slovenia.