Esteemed Entrepreneurs!

It is high time we joined our forces and quit acting as individuals, but joined the best assets every one of us has to offer.
Individual activities naturally have a certain extent of power, however not as great as one we have together, united. We are united entrepreneurs, who began their business path independently, with their own ideas; we have a public image of honourable men, who want to help Slovenia pull out from the recession and, through development of our business and products, determine the direction of Slovenia’s economic, technological and social development.

While others only dream of what needs to be done, we actually do it every day, since our business mechanisms do not allow extensive hypocrisy. It is high time that the Slovenian politics and society recognised us as people, who create thousands of jobs; high time that the society became aware that we are the future and driving force of the development of Slovenian entrepreneurship and, consequently, the entire Slovenian society in all its subsystems. We are the driving force of the Slovenian society, as, owing to our innovative ideas, we provide new jobs and consequently satisfaction and prosperity of our employees, their families and wider society. We joined in Slovenian Business Club, in order to help one another penetrate to foreign markets, search for new export routes, establish our products abroad, and to represent our economic interests and simultaneously inspire young people to engage in entrepreneurship.