Discovery Channel Team at Postojna Cave

The news about a special event in the Postojna Cave has circled the globe. The olm laying eggs in the aquarium of the Postojna Cave has raised the interest and liking of numerous media, among which are counted the big and globally recognized ones. Following its publication in the New York Times, where record readership was achieved, the news of the olm reproduction, which only happens every 6 to 7 years, was also among the most read stories on the BBC’s website.

All these happenings encouraged the visit of one of the most distinguished production teams, the team from the Discovery Channel. They are filming a piece on the olm phenomenon and are visiting the Postojna Cave at the moment.

Prvi posnetki so nastajali pred Postojnsko jamo Iztok Medja za Postojnsko jamo (002)

Photo by Iztok Medja