DEWESoft measures again in April

The company Dewesoft is characterized by the fast development of measurement instruments, the strengthening of their sales network by their own companies from Austria to the USA, Singapore, India, Taiwan, and the continuous increase of income.

The achievements and news of the company, which is considered one of the key world development companies in the field of measurement software and the leading manufacturer of measurement instruments for the aerospace and car industries, will be in a few days presented at the Worldwide Measurement Conference. The conference will also welcome numerous participants and experts from Dewesoft’s partner companies.

Guests will have the opportunity to meet their developers and engineers, while the conference itself will include numerous workshops and trainings about new methods and technologies.

Already traditional worldwide measurement conference will be held in new Congress Hotel Thermana Park Laško in Slovenia from 13.4.2015 until 17.4. 2015.

Measurement conference 2013

Photo: Highlights from 2013 conference, Dewesoft