Consequences of One of the Biggest Natural Disasters in Slovenia should not be Forgotten

The Red Ball Foundation helped to finance a series of charity actions after the severe natural disasters. One of the worst happened in the early January and in February 2014, the recovery of which has continued until today.

Slovenia was between January 30 and February 10, 2014 struck by a severe natural disaster. A combination of snow, rain, and low temperatures led to the glaze which caused severe damage.

According to the data of the Slovenian Forest Service the consequences of ice-damage have affected 51 % of surfaces where sanitation felling and actions of rehabilitation and revitalization of affected forests will be necessary. Several million cubic meters of wood was destroyed. This devastation significantly exceeds the damage done by the most severe glazes in recent decades when eight percent of forest surface at the most was destroyed.

The damage is the worst in the area of the municipality of Pivka and a part of the municipality of Postojna (2.1 million m3), and the Cerkljansko-Idrijsko territory, as well as the area in the municipalities of Loški potok, Logatec, and Vrhnika where the ice coating was over five centimeters thick. The damage done to the forests, forest roads, and fire-breaks remains indescribable until today.

The Fire-Fighting Association of Postojna thus had more than few problems and invested a lot of hard work removing fallen trees that obstructed various paths and roads or endangered human lives in some other manner. The removal of ice damage consequences was undertaken with a great measure of care and courage.

The Scouts Association Rod kraških viharnikov have also addressed the consequences of ice damage in several voluntary actions and continue aiding the nature’s rehabilitation through numerous operations. In November 2014, they have undertaken a comprehensive action and rehabilitated forests by planting 6,000 young trees.

The Red Ball Foundation and the Slovenian Business Club were proud to contribute their share and support the readiness, courage, and help to the affected parts of Slovenia.