Coffee with the Entrepreneur Mihael Blažič

The utmost welcome event for the young »Coffee with an Entrepreneur« took place on Thursday, 21st May 2015, at the company Blažič, robni trakovi, where our members were hosted by Mihael Blažič, the entrepreneur and CEO of this family company with over 150 employees at home and abroad.

The company Blažič, robni trakovi has been supplying the furniture industry with various materials for the production of furniture for the past 28 years. Their services do not only include the distribution; their own production is specialized for edge-banding tapes and the company is considered to be one of the leading providers of this material in Europe.

Blažič, robni trakovi 2

After the years of rapid growth the company spread also to the markets of the former Yugoslav countries, while with the purchase of a specialized company (supplier) in Germany they have gained international markets, from South-African Republic to the Scandinavian countries.

Following the detailed tour of the company and its operation, the company CEO Mihael Blažič shared his business experience with the young in an extremely relaxed atmosphere and through his own success story. The main topics this time were the entrepreneurship and current problems and challenges the company is faced with.

Blažič, robni trakovi 3

Photos: Slovenian Business Club