Camps for the Gifted again in this School Year

All our members, successful Slovenian companies, most certainly agree, in action as well as in the way of thinking, on our common care for a better tomorrow. Hence the Slovenian Business Club decided, for the second year in a row, to join with the Red Ball Foundation in the project »Omogočimo sanje« (Enable Their Dreams). The project is organised by the Friends of Youth Association Maribor. Last year our expectations regarding this project were met to the fullest. 187 gifted children participated and were educated at eight thematic camps in the last school year, where they spent many pleasant holiday days filled with valuable contents.

Children from, primarily, socially underprivileged families can thus with our help continue to develop their talents which will, along with their further appropriate education, aid them to a successful career. In the time of this year’s autumn school vacations the 4-day camp Biologika, which emphasized workshops and social games, included 44 children from different regions (Štajerska, Ljubljanska, Savinjska, the Coast). At the Art Colony, 15 gifted young artists (grades from the 5th to the 9th) developed their talents and enjoyed their free time and they, too, came from various parts of Slovenia.

As the general sponsor, the Red Ball Foundation takes credit for this immensely useful project’s continuation as a pan-Slovenian project and incorporates as many children as possible, especially those who could not attend such camps without any additional help. Namely, the young who exhibit natural talents in different fields thus have a much greater chance to actually effectively succeed and later significantly contribute to the shaping of our society. So let us enable them to thrive in their given gifts and rather develop, as well as upgrade them with our joined help. Only in this way will they be able to grow into successful indicators of our society of whom we are proud even today. For our society is in its essence extremely capable, it only needs for us to steer it in the right direction, support the good, the capable, and our common tomorrow will surely be an easier, better, and richer one!