Audi S6 and S7 get an ‘Evolution’ from Akrapovič

Audi’s S6 Avant, Saloon, and S7 Sportback models have been given the Akrapovič treatment, with totally new Evolution exhaust systems developed for the German high-performance cars.

The Audi ‘S’ models feature a V8 power-plant. The addition of the latest system from Akrapovič’s Evolution line of high performance products will increase the power and torque levels of the machines, as well as improve throttle response, decrease weight, and add the unmistakable Akrapovič sound.

These beautifully constructed systems are manufactured exclusively in-house in Akrapovič’s state-of-the-art factory in Slovenia. Made from titanium—with the exception of the very short front part with flexible joints made of stainless steel—the system features a central muffler with a specially designed x-piece inside for more power and sound. There is also no need to re-map the ECU, because the Evolution is simply a plug-and-play system—with a full instruction manual included to make fitting even easier.

The system features exhaust valves, which are steered through electric actuators, depending on the vehicle’s driving program and the driver’s style. They can also be changed in the car’s individual program settings. All this is finished off with four superbly styled, round carbon-fibre tailpipes to fit perfectly with the S series’ bodywork, and also make sure that the car stands out from the rest.

The look and performance of the Evolution system for the S series are not alone in thrilling the senses because the exhaust has the unmistakable Akrapovič sound, which has a deep tone at lower revs and features an exciting racing sound as the revs rise.

With the Evolution system on Audi’s S6 Avant, Saloon, and S7 Sportback models, drivers and bystanders will know that these cars mean business.