The seventh charity tournament to help people in need

World class athlete Anže Kopitar and compassionate entrepreneur Joc Pečečnik again show that they are made of the right stuff as they prove for the fifth year in a row that charitable work strengthens solidarity and feeds hearts.

For this purpose they are organising the seventh or fifth charity tournament in their common organisation at the traditional but completely renovated location of the Royal Bled golf course on the last Saturday of August, the 26th. As in the years before their charitable efforts are supported by Anže’s team AK11 and many notable names from sports, as well as friends and partners of Joc Pečečnik and his Interblock Group. To date the tournaments have gathered a considerable sum of 218,489.42 €.

We know Anže Kopitar as the first Slovenian to achieve the impossible – play in the strongest hockey league in the world, the NHL. But that was not enough. He worked hard, kept honing his skills and dared to dream big for himself and us all and he won the legendary Stanley Cup, the hardest cup to win according to many. And he has done it not once but twice. As Anže’s success grew, so did his generosity and sense of responsibility for his fellow people, people who dream different dreams that he does. People who dream about making it day to day. This year, he is set to help those dreams come true for the eighth time running.

Joc Pečečnik is a synonym for success in business, both in Slovenia and on the international gaming markets. Above all, he is a man who loves his life, his family, sports, his environment and challenges. He remains faithful to his roots and is always ready to support individuals and associations on their way towards their dreams and goals in culture and art, sports, education or just the daily challenges of less fortunate individuals.

Organisation and title sponsorship of the event was taken on by Joc Pečečnik and his Interblock Group, with many Slovenian companies, among them few members of the Slovenian Business Club, joining the cause with their contributions, including company Akrapovič, Arkas, Avto hiša Vrtač, Accentec, Avto Aktiv, Blažič-robni trakovi, Conditus, Cvetličarna Khaya, Dat-con, Dr. Glass, Elvez, E-branjevka, Elbacom, Eurocom, GEC Plešce, Golf igrišče Royal Bled, Icepeak, Iskratel, Jezeršek Gostinstvo, Kirurgija Bitenc, Lotrič Meroslovje, Lumar, Makplast, MennYacht, Mebor, Modri val, Mit, NLB, Plastika Skaza, POS Elektronček, Riko, Roto, Star Travel, Summit Avto, Vitraj in znana slovenska imena kot so Filip Flisar, Luka Dončič, Domen Prevc, Jure Košir, Tomaž Vnuk, Peter Mankoč, Goran Dragič, voditelja in stand up komika Vid Valič in Denis Avdič, pevka Ditka in Zmagovalka Slovenija ima Talent 2014 Jana Šušteršič, čarodej Magic Aleksander and many others.

The funds they collect under the auspices of the Red Ball Institution and the SBC Foundation will be used to help the “Happy Feet” society for persons with developmental disorders, the “Comma instead of a full stop” society for persons with developmental disorders, the pediatric department of Jesenice General Hospital, Association of Friends of the Youth Ljubljana Moste Polje and three young and talented athletes.