Akrapovič puts a “spring” into the Vespa Primavera

Akrapovič has just released its latest Racing Line exhaust system. This new exhaust system has been designed for the cool and fashion-conscious Vespa Primavera, making this modern day, iconic scooter look and perform even better. And now it sounds as good as it looks!

The Vespa Primavera (primavera meaning ‘spring’ in Italian) is the latest generation of the famous Italian brand’s range of beautiful, smaller-framed scooters. Its sleek lines can be further enhanced with the addition of the Akrapovič Racing Line exhaust system.

Vespa Primavera 1

Photo: Company Akrapovič

Designed for the Vespa Primavera 125/150 ie 3V, the LX 125/150 ie 3V, and the Sprint 125/150 ie 3V, the Racing Line system adds an extra dimension to the Scooter with a performance increase in power of almost 5%, and an increase of more than 5% over standard torque figures.

It’s not just about power though, the Racing Line also offers a great balance between price and optimum performance, and also has the added value of being lighter than the stock exhaust system, a noticeable savings of 1.7 kg.

Vespa Primavera 2

Photo: Company Akrapovič

The Racing Line exhaust is made from high-quality stainless steel, and features a black-coated outer-sleeve. Its carbon-fibre end-cap gives it a stylish and sporty feel, a nice touch of Akrapovič’s racing department. This combination—along with the pure racing sound developed by Akrapovič’s in-house sound engineers—makes this system a must-have addition for any aspiring fashionistas.

The Racing Line exhaust system for the Vespa Primavera comes complete with an easy to use manual, plus superb back-up support from Akrapovič through its dealer network. This is also the only place where the Racing Line system (code S-VE125R1-HZBL) is available. Also, its plug-and-play design means that no remapping or other parts are needed. However, a catalytic converter is an optional extra to make the exhaust system EC Type-approved when fitted.