Akrapovič Debuts New Products at SEMA Show in Las Vegas

During this intensive program company showcasted the Akrapovič-equipped BMW M4 DTM, the car that secured Marco Wittmann of BMW Motorsport the DTM championship title in 2014. The reigning champion himself visited Akrapovič stand on November 4th, proving that their successful partnership goes well beyond the race track. Another VIP guest who honored staff and the excited fans with his presence was Joey Hand, BMW Motorsport driver and winner of the Sebring 12hrs and Daytona 24hrs.
Akrapovič also unveiled a brand-new concept exhaust for the Lamborghini Aventador, causing quite a stir among exotic car fans. Their concept improves this already fabulous machine by offering an immediate power increase of 12.5 HP and saving 57% of weight over the stock exhaust.

This beautiful precision-crafted titanium system has benefitted from intensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations by Akrapovič engineers to create the optimum system for this V12-powered car. Designed to use the Aventador’s potential to the full, this concept system has a preliminary power increase over standard of 12.5 HP (at 3,100 rpm),* adds 29 Nm / 21.4 lb-ft of torque (at 2,100 rpm),* and offers a huge weight saving of 17.2 kg / 37.98 lb (−57%)* over the stock exhaust.

The Slip-On system gives the lower end of the rev range a deeper, fuller sound, rising to an exciting twelve-cylinder “popping” aural experience as the revs rise, but without any intrusive drone effects at any speed. The system also has a wireless kit to control the exhaust valves, giving a dual mode option to choose loud or quiet sound when required. With castings made at Akrapovič’s in-house titanium foundry and meticulous attention to detail for the entire system, the Akrapovič Slip-On fits in perfectly with the beautifully proportioned rear end of the Aventador and all comes to a climax with specially designed impeccable tailpipes, superbly finished in carbon fiber and titanium to make the Slip-On Line system look as good as it sounds and performs.

The Slip-On Line system can be further improved with a set of high-quality, light-weight link pipes, which are offered as an option for the Lamborghini Aventador. These pipes will add to the performance of this stunning car, reduce the weight even further, and provide even greater auditory enjoyment. Akrapovič’s sound engineers have worked intensely to give the link pipes a scintillating V12 Grand Prix racing sound that’s enjoyable inside the car and also produces a head-turning “wow factor” for passersby.

Akrapovič Lamborghini

Their system for the BMW M3 / M4 also made its American debut, and the Evolution Line system for the Porsche 991 GT3 made a highly anticipated world debut.