Akrapovič Increases Performance of Two Honda All-Rounders

Akrapovič has developed two brand-new exhaust systems for a pair of Honda’s best all-round motorcycles that will take the performance, handling, and enjoyment of these bikes to another level.

The Honda CB650F and CBR650F are well known for their sporty performance and handling, allied with sharp and aggressive styling. Adding one of the Akrapovič Racing Line exhaust systems to either bike further enhances the look, and also gets the blood pumping as it boosts the senses through increased performance and sound.

Available in both open and EC/ECE type-approved and EPA noise-compliant versions for the two machines, a Racing Line system is a full step in the exhaust tuning process and an ideal balance between affordability and optimum performance. Designed and developed at Akrapovič’s state-of-the-art factory in Slovenia, the Racing Line is manufactured with a high-grade lightweight titanium outer sleeve, allied with perfectly finished stainless steel headers, designed to reduce the overall weight of the bike and help to improve handling and control.

The easy-to-install plug-and-play systems will increase power and torque levels across the rev range. Manufactured from race-proven materials, these beautifully crafted systems have the unique Akrapovič sound that sets the CB650F and CBR650F apart from bikes with the stock exhaust. The open system also adds an even richer and sportier roar as the revs rise, and both systems have a sound perfect for everyday use.

The Racing Line’s design is perfectly styled to the contours of the naked Streetfighter-inspired CB650F or the sporty, fairing-clad CBR650F, and the systems will make any bike look and sound just as good as it performs. With a comprehensive and easy-to-follow mounting manual included with every exhaust, the Racing Line is easy to install and needs no remapping or other parts.

An Akrapovič Racing Line system offers more power and increased torque to make full use of the Honda CB650F’s and CBR650F’s potential and to take them to a new level of performance.


Photos: Akrapovič d.d.