Akrapovič Gets Down and Dirty with Honda CRF450R

Akrapovič has added to its fast-expanding range of off-road exhausts by developing a three-product collection of systems for the 2015 Honda CRF450R.

Akrapovič’s range of off-road exhaust systems are developed in Slovenia by the same team of engineers who work with championship-winning World Motocross, Enduro, and Supercross teams. It’s this experience that’s led to the development of the Slip-On Line, Racing Line, and Evolution Line systems for Honda’s iconic Motocross machine.

The Akrapovič Slip-On Line system is beautifully crafted and engineered to give recreational riders the best combination of power, torque, design, and durability, as well as reducing weight. Constructed from titanium and featuring an outer sleeve to give better scratch resistance and allow easier cleaning, the system meets FIM noise limits and comes with an easy-to-use mounting manual. This is the first step in tuning for most riders and one that can be instantly appreciated.

The Racing Line is a complete exhaust system constructed from high-quality stainless steel tubes and a titanium muffler outer sleeve. Built and designed with the same attention to detail that Akrapovič gives to all its products, this high-performance exhaust will give the maximum output for the Honda CRF450R, along with increasing torque and reducing weight. Also designed to meet FIM noise limits and featuring a scratch-resistant coating for easier cleaning, the Racing Line is a unique design that offers weight reduction, performance, and the next step up in tuning from the Slip-On Line system.

The top-of-the-range system launched for the CRF450R is the Akrapovič Evolution Line; this is the flagship of Akrapovič’s exhaust systems and is used and tested by many top racing teams around the globe. This complete system is made entirely from titanium to reduce weight even further, and is dedicated to maximizing the potential of the Honda CRF450R to the full. The lower weight will improve handling and give the rider even more control over the increase in power that the Evolution Line system will provide. With a durable welded bracket—the same as on the Slip-On Line and Racing Line systems—a beautifully crafted titanium end-cap, and an easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant outer coating, the system also looks as good as it performs.

All three products are stringently tested on Akrapovič’s own dynamometers, so the end-user can experience the same performance, sound, and ultimate excitement as the best riders in the world. Whichever system the owner chooses—the Slip-On Line, Racing Line, or Evolution Line—they can be sure that they’ll get top performance from a high-quality product that not only enhances the look and feel of the Honda CRF450R, but increases the engine’s potential and adds to the overall enjoyment.