Akrapovič aims to revolutionise the hot hatch sector with a titanium exhaust for the Golf GTI (VII)

The Akrapovič MTP-VW/T/1H (Slip-On Line) and the S-VW/T/1 (Evolution Line) are two very important products in the progression of the Slovenian company and signify a major step in the competitive sporty hatchback market. Akrapovič is for the very first time to supply Titanium exhausts for the hot hatch sector. The MTP-VW/T/1H is a ‘Slip-On’ system for the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark VII and is made entirely out of titanium – not a material usually used for an exhaust in this area of the market, while the ‘Evolution’ system is a titanium Slip-On with bigger stainless steel link pipe tubes, which have been engineered to optimise gas flow and back pressure. The Evolution also comes compete with a sports catalytic converter, ensuring that it unleashes additional power and improves the torque and responsiveness of the GTI’s four-cylinder engine, all aimed at making it a system with real potential for further tuning.

These full-titanium Slip-On exhaust systems for the VW Golf GTI feature the same high-class manufacturing process that goes into every Akrapovič exhaust, and the performance-developed materials used on supercars and winners of 24-hour races – which are now available in these systems – offer an exclusivity to owners of the new GTI. Complete with the essential deep sporty Akrapovič sound, the improved performance with better throttle response and exclusive design which is emphasised not only by the lightweight race-proven materials, but also through the addition of two exquisitely finished carbon fibre tailpipes, are all intended to make the GTI stand out from the crowd.

Akrapovič’s unique lightweight exhaust system for the Golf GTI certainly delivers in the performance stakes as well. The optimised exhaust flow gives the GTI a great platform for further tuning, with the Evolution adding an impressive 12HP (9kW) at 4,750 and increasing torque by 16Nm (12lb-ft) at just 4,350rpm, giving the GTI increased response through the entire rev range. The Slip-On also gives equally notable figures, with a power improvement over standard of 4HP (3kW) and a torque increase of 7Nm (5lb-ft) at just 3,750rpm, giving additional performance right where it’s needed.

To complete the look of the Akrapovič Evolution and Slip-On line exhaust systems – another first for Akrapovič in the hot hatch sector – is an optional carbon fibre rear diffuser. Handcrafted by Akrapovič from the finest material, this stunning looking diffuser enhances the look of the twin-pipes and adds an even greater degree of exclusivity to the titanium exhaust system on the GTI.

Akrapovič using state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions has provided Golf GTI owners with an exciting exhaust system complete with unlimited tuning potential and that reassuring feel of quality that is associated with an Akrapovič system.

A pair of new revolutionary exhaust systems for Volkswagen Golf GTI and products for the Audi RS 4 Avant, RS 5 and R8 models will be showcased in detail by Akrapovič at the Wörthersee Treffen (28-31 May 2014) where visitors will be able to see and hear the new exhaust systems with their own eyes and ears.

Akrapovič exhaust

Foto: Akrapovič d.d.