Activities implemented by the Youth Slovenian Business Club:

Our youth section oversees the following events:

Business discussions:

  • Once a month we organize the so-called Evenings with Entrepreneurs.
  • Discussions on various topics, depending on the guest’s expertise.
  • The purpose of these gatherings is the exchange of ideas and constructive debate between our members and the entrepreneur/s.

Round tables:

  • Various topics chosen by our guests.
  • Intended for a greater number of members.
  • The purpose of these gatherings is the constructive debate between the guests discussing a particular subject.
  • Members participate with questions and comments.

Fair visits:

  • The possibility of visiting a fair where SBC members present their companies and products.
  • Promising Youth Slovenian Business Club members have the possibility to visit a fair in the company of a Slovenian Business Club member.
  • Help at the fair (if a Slovenian Business Club member organizes an event or presents the company at a fair or a similar event and needs help, members of the Youth Slovenian Business Club are given the opportunity to prove themselves by helping at the event).

Coffee with an entrepreneur:

  • Promising Youth Slovenian Business Club members have the possibility to meet with one of the entrepreneurs where they can have a discussion over coffee.
  • We enable a constructive debate on business level.
  • The possibility to get acquainted with a successful entrepreneur on a personal level.

Participation at the Club’s meeting:

  • Promising members are invited to participate at the meeting or a session of Slovenian Business Club members.
  • Learning about the Club’s operation and Club’s events.
  • The young member learns about the meeting procedures among successful businessmen.

Traineeship in companies:

  • The Youth Slovenian Business Club offers its promising members the possibility of traineeship in the companies of members and companies of business clubs.
  • Acquisition of rich experience and an addition to the CV.