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Marjan Batagelj

»Marjan Batagelj, majority shareholder of Postojnska jama d.d., is a serial entrepreneur with a philosophy that one may succeed anywhere, provided that they stay loyal to their principles. He uses his own reason and follows exclusively his inner convictions and thus cannot be influenced by what he deems bad. His business success secret: he never does things in a way that is expected from him or that most people would do. That is why he is successful and treads in the direction where everybody could go, however most people don’t see it. He is interesting and unpredictable. «

This is the description of a 20-year-old business story of a man, who embarked on it, because he wanted to be free and manage his life independently. In a different way. Be it once regular vacuum cleaners, which became a synonym for cleaning, upon the development of water filter, or when he became a real-estate investor and built an apartment complex, which reflected the suburban lifestyle and was sold despite the real-estate crisis. The building was different and people simply accepted it. He introduced the conservative way of thinking and calculating in all his companies, since he considered it a guideline, which made companies solid and stable in the long run. This guideline is required in all companies under his ownership, including Batagel&Co., Krasoprema and Hotel Manora in Croatia. He saw everything as an opportunity thus as a geographer, patriot and above all a local, he decided to take care of Postojnska jama as well. When Istrabenz began selling the managing company of Postojnska jama, Batagelj at first cooperated as an idea leader to keep Postojnska jama in Slovenian ownership and finally he bought the company. When facing complaints that he is engaging in business he does not know enough about, he replies: »Everything I do, I do with my intellect and heart, thus my fields of operation change alongside my interest. As they would say in the Enlightenment – Sapere aude.«

Who knows what will come next after Postojnska jama?