JernejaJerneja Lampret

Jerneja Lampret completed her secondary education at Stična grammar school and studied at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, where she graduated and later also obtained her Master’s degree.

After completing her studies, she was employed by Livar d.d. to work in the areas of sales policy and market research. Between 2005 and 2009, she worked as an adviser at the Office of the Minister of Transport and was responsible for organising high-level meetings; during the Slovenian EU Council presidency, she worked as a coordinator at the Ministry. She continued her work with the Ministry at the International Affairs Directorate. For one year she worked with the Public Agency for Traffic Safety and was then employed as Secretary in the Office of the Minister of the Economy, with responsibility for international affairs.

In August 2013, the Government appointed Jerneja Lampret Commissioner-General for the Slovenia Expo Milano 2015 section. She was responsible for the entire project. Jerneja Lampred, in capacity of chief executive officer joined the Slovenian Business Club  in January 2017. She enthusiastically accepted this professional position, especially since the association’s mission is in line with Jerneja’s personal values. Ms Lampret believes that healthy core of Slovene economy that is united in Slovenian Business Club provides sufficient energy for future positive economic and social development of Republic of Slovenia.