About Financial Literacy in the Blažič Company

Financial literacy is an essential skill and a competitive advantage for anyone who wants to succeed in entrepreneurship, because it enables them to recognise the advantages and downsides of business opportunities. It is also becoming increasingly important in the life of every individual in general. It is statistically proven that three out of four adults occasionally feel financial stress and they react to it very differently. Some react with constant dissatisfaction with the salary they receive, others by experiencing decreasing feelings of belonging, by solving financial difficulties during working hours, and in the worst cases by turning to unhealthy ways of coping with stress.

To ensure a satisfied way of life one needs to know how to manage one’s finances. Financial skills are also an essential prerequisite for a successful career on which a person can completely focus only if he or she is not constantly distracted by personal financial worries.

Financial Literacy is Important for a Successful Career

By organising financial education courses, companies strive to ease the financial stress of their employees, enable them to grow personally, and achieve individual financial goals. One of these companies is Blažič, which held a course about financial literacy for their employees on September 15. With the help of the magazine »Moje finance« and the institute »Vem, da ne vem« their workers were introduced to basic financial areas both on the level of personal and family finances.

Employees of Blažič generally notice that with the abundance of everyday worries and duties they do not pay enough attention to where their money is going. This educational course certainly gave them new knowledge about this area and made them think about how to appropriately allocate their financial means in the future. They believe that such education is welcome for the determination of guidelines and for the first, the most important step towards a better and safer financial future.