A Quarter of a Century for LOTRIČ Metrology

Today is a special day for Lotrič Metrology. 25 years ago, on 1st April 1991, the success story of this family company from Selca began.

Marko Lotrič, the CEO and founder of the internationally recognized LOTRIČ Metrology group, began his independent professional path by opening a firm for the calibration of scales, weights, and pipettes. Today the group brings together more than 80 experts in the field of metrology who are employed in six countries, and more than 30 external associates. Besides their parent company LOTRIČ Meroslovje, which has been located in Selška dolina from the start, in Slovenia, more precisely in Kranj, there is the company LOTRIČ Certificiranje and in Podnart the company Iskra LOTRIČ. There are subsidiary companies in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, and Austria, where there are accredited laboratories.

The LOTRIČ Metrology trademark is a synonym for quality and excellence. Certificates in 29 countries enable them to do business with 11,588 clients for whom they cover on average 95% of all metrology needs. They are recognized for the development of unique and breakthrough solutions. They cooperate with 16 research institutes and universities and have 4 registered patents. They are the co-founder of NELA, the main development centre for electrical and electronics industries.

The secret of their success lies in their love for metrology with which they perform the calibrations and tests, develop state-of-the-art and technologically perfected, yet easy-to-use metrology products and solutions. They transfer their knowledge, represent the best among domestic and foreign producers of measuring, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment, and invest in development and progress in the field of metrology.

Their success is also due to their employees who day after day create a pleasant working environment and are always ready to face new challenges.