A Meeting with the European Commissioner Violeta Bulc

At this meeting, we were very pleased to host the European commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc, who informed our gathered members of the latest policies of the European Commission and presented the state of Slovenia within the European Union and those areas which need to be strengthened by this country in the future.

She also presented the platform and ways of financing by the European Union as well as Juncker’s investment plan for the acceleration of economic growth in the European Union, which came into operation one year ago and the main purpose of which is to attract private investment into quality and economically viable, yet from the perspective of the investors risky European projects through a new approach.

Members of the Club shared their experience and expressed their views on the business done currently in the European Union, responded to the most pressing problems, especially in the field of transport, and exchanged opinions with the guest, while she promised to strive to resolve the problems discussed.