Postojna Cave presented with the 2017 Sejalec award

From 17 to 19 October, Kranjska Gora hosted the central Slovenian expert event in tourism, called the Days of Slovenian Tourism. Those who have put into effect the most innovative ideas, thus contributing to the development of tourism and recognisability of Slovenia, were presented the awards during a ceremony on Wednesday night in the Planica Nordic Centre. The company Postojnska jama was among the best this year, receiving the 2017 Sejalec award for its EXPO JAMA KRAS exhibition. The Sejalec award, the highest award for innovative products, is presented by the Slovenian Tourist Board every year. Marjan Batagelj, the chairman of the Postojnska jama management, received the award from the director of Slovenian Tourist Board, MSc Maja Pak.

The reasons for the choice of the highest award winner:

EXPO Postojnska jama kras

The company Postojnska jama, the manager of the eponymous and most-often-visited Slovenian tourist attraction, could be offering numerous visitors only a classic guided tour of the cave for the next few years. But the company’s management, constantly striving for improvements and the development of tourist offer, decided to fulfil a long-time wish to pay a unique tribute to the karst. In 2015, the wide range of theme-based guided tours of the cave system was upgraded with the world’s largest interactive karst exhibition. EXPO Postojnska jama kras helps visitors discover the karstic underground world and life in caves in an innovative way – with the help of analogue and digital tools, which are the products of Slovenian knowledge and development and cooperation with national professional institutions. Although the project is named exhibition, it sets new museum standards from the standpoints of both technology and meaning. For this achievement the Slovenian Tourist Board presents the company Postojnska jama with the 2017 Sejalec award, for a unique, state-of-the-art interpretation of natural and cultural heritage, which has enriched and enhanced the most recognisable Slovenian tourist attraction.

In 2018, Postojnska jama will celebrate an important anniversary – 200 years since the discovery of the most beautiful parts of the Postojna underworld. The exhibition has been a peculiar introduction to this celebration, as it opened its doors after 111 years of wishes and ideas which had gone by since the initial idea about opening the Postojnska jama museum appeared. The company Postojnska jama has fulfilled its mission splendidly. Generally, such projects are public property, but one of the features of EXPO jama kras is that it is a private project. The result of knowledge and cooperation between professional assistants of Postojnska jama and IZRK ZRC SAZU is the presentation of the Postojna cave in such a way that the visitor gets to know its natural and tourist development and its importance in space and time with the help of new technologies and manners of interpretation.