After 40 years Skaza is growing more than ever

After a crisis in 2008 Skaza was forced into firing employees, but in recent years their growth is rising again. In 2008, they generated approximately € 8 million revenues, but their plans for this year are € 38.5 million. In recent years, they are also increasing the company’s profits. Skaza’s profit in 2015 was € 1.5 million, but they plan to have € 2.5 million in 2017.

Skaza also fundamentally changed the mindset within the company. They have become much more courageous in changes and development decisions. From once mainly a production company for plastic molding, Skaza transformed itself into successful development and sales company.

Skaza invested € 5 million in new premises

In Velenje, along the road towards Koroška (Carinthia), Skaza bought 35,000 square meters of land and facilities, located close to existing production, storage and administrative facilities of the company. They invested about € 5 million for the purchase and renovation. New facilities will enable them to significantly increase their production capacities. In these days, they are moving manufacturing machines for the automotive industry to the new facilities. The final move to new premises is scheduled for May 2017, when they will also celebrate Skaza’s 40 years of existence.


New Skaza premises

Skaza spent another € 1 million for other investments last year. In 2017 they plan to invest approximately € 4 million in the digital transformation and automation of production. The automation of production will enable their employees to have more time for creativity, looking for improvements and education. They invested almost € 200,000 in the employees’ education in 2016, where employees get about 28 hours of education annually.

Group Skaza currently employs around 300 people. In 2017 they plan to increase this number by 30, particular in areas as development, design and digital transformation. 97 percent of Skaza’s products are exported. They are specialized in plastic molding for four industries: furniture, automotive, electrical and home appliances. Skaza is currently present in 58 markets and they mainly export to Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The vast majority (about 98 percent of revenue) is generated as a development supplier in the production of injection molded plastic products for known customers. By 2020, they set a goal to increase the revenue of Skaza brand by one-fifth, since they already have € 1.6 million orders for the Skaza brand products in 2017.