5th Charity Golf Tournament with Anže Kopitar

Two great ambassadors of Slovenia, Anže Kopitar and Joc Pečečnik, will once again unite friends and partners from the world of economy and sports who know how to aid fellow human beings.

These two charismatic people, known to the Slovenian and foreign public in the world of sports and gambling as successful, vigorous, brave, strong-willed, and having clearly set goals, will unite friends and partners at the 5th Charity Golf Tournament of Anže Kopitar for the third year in a row on the greens of the oldest course in Slovenia, the Golf Course Bled. All the participants are linked by their love of sports and the desire to aid those members of our society who are from one reason or another in need of our help.

The organization and main sponsorship in once again assumed by the founder and owner of the Interblock Group, Joc Pečečnik, who was joined with their contributions by many successful Slovenian companies, such as Kirurgija Bitenc, Akrapovič, Blažič-robni trakovi, Kovis, Modri val, Merit International, Plastika Skaza, Postonjska jama, Povše Metal, Roto, Sibo G., Siliko, Volo, Conditus, Decor&Design, POS Elektronček, Stare Transport, Elvez, Golfarna, and Cvetličarna Khaya.
Recipients of funds, raised by the auction of various items, entry fees, and sponsorships, are:

1. The Red Ball Foundation which is going to aid the project ‘Omogočimo sanje’ (Making dreams come true) implemented by the Friends of Youth Association. This project focuses on children who show exceptional potential, motivation, and interest in a given area (schooling, sports, culture), but come from socially underprivileged families and lack the support to continue developing their talent.

2. The second recipient, chosen by Anže Kopitar, is the University rehabilitation institute RS – Soča that will donate these funds to two members of the Slovenian national sitting volleyball team who need a passive prosthesis adjusted to playing volleyball and which is not covered by the mandatory health insurance.

3. The third recipient will be the Cultural society Pustota which will use the donated funds for the reconstruction of the thatched roof on the oldest wooden house in Slovenia, called Kovkarjeva kajža.

The event will be enriched by the presence of celebrities from the world of sports – Bojan Križaj, Jure Košir, Tomaž Razingar, Tomaž Vnuk, and Peter Prevc who will try himself in golf for the first time at this charity.

A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world. (Muhammad)