1. SBC forum for even better entry to the German market

Economic integration and cooperation offers many benefits to all parties concerned, there are many opportunities. The Slovenian Business Club – SBC encourages networking between Slovenian businesses, but at the same time focuses on expanding the economic cooperation between other European countries. An example of the latter is the cooperation concluded between the SBC and German organisation BVMW. The future of this cooperation will be presented to the Slovenian general public at the SBC forum on 15 January 2018.

The German organisation BVMW is the biggest apolitical association of small- and medium-sized businesses in Germany and it connects more than 550,000 enterprises employing a total of 11 million people. Their president Mario Ohoven, an entrepreneur specialising in the field of investment banking and often assuming the role of a government advisor, recognises Slovenia as an interesting market for German investors. He is aware of the small size of the Slovenian market, but he sees great advantages in the efficiency and innovation of Slovenian companies and believes that there is a great potential in economic cooperation between the two countries.

Germany has been one of Slovenia’s main economic partners for years. Trading between the countries approached 10 billion EUR in 2016, which is 4.4 % more than the year before. German capital can be found in around 750 Slovene companies operating in Slovenia, with new investment opportunities arising every day for both, Slovenian and German companies.

The subject of the first SBC forum will be Unprecedented Cooperation: Slovenia and Germany. The event is intended primarily for Slovenian entrepreneurs and managers interested in cooperation with German companies who wish to enter the German market. Their experience and motivation will be shared, among others, by the German entrepreneur and specialist Mario Ohoven, the chairman of the Postojnska jama management board and SBC president Marjan Batagelj, and one of the most successful Slovenian entrepreneurs, Igor Akrapovič. The thread of the event is going to be the vision of establishing ties between the two countries and their economic cooperation in the future. The intention of such economic synergy is also to share practical and concrete information regarding the opportunities opening up for Slovenian companies on the German market. The speakers will offer their thoughts on how to carry out and draw advantage from such cooperation.

Since Germany represents the third biggest investor in Slovenia, successful cooperation between the two countries is undoubtedly an important step on the way to Slovenia’s economic growth. As Boštjan Šifrar, an SBC member and director of the successful company SIBO G pointed out, “effort, hard work and knowledge invested in the German market pay off because this is a very promising and profitable market.” Marko Lotrič, an SBC member and director of the Lotrič Metrology group believes that business cooperation between the countries is the next logical step: »A broad range of services has already been accredited and Germany is an ideal partner for these services to be offered on the European market

The upcoming SBC forum will thus be intended for establishing closer ties between Slovenian entrepreneurs and the German market and a lively debate will enable the formulation of guidelines which will take Slovenia on the path to greater productivity. To achieve this, the event participants will draft a document stating well-defined steps the for business-oriented future of the country.